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Why Plants?


"Cow's milk is for baby cows"

Biological manipulation means that female cows produce 12 times more milk than they naturally would to feed their calf. (Plant Based News)

Plant milks taste great, reduce carbon emissions and deforestation; help to lower fat and caloric intake, and support animal welfare.
Whether you choose milk alternatives for your health, the environment or animal welfare please bear in mind Cub Coffee!
Cow and Calf
Glass of Milk

Did you know that cow's milk is responsible for 3.9kg of greenhouse gases per litre? Compared to 0.7kg for Almond milk, 0.9kg for Oat milk, and 1.0kg for Soy milk.

Cow's milk requires 9 sq metres of land per litre, compared to 0.7 for Almond, 0.8 for Oat milk, and 0.9 for Soy. 

Milk and Cookies

Cow's milk requires 628 litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk, compared to 371 for Almond, 48 for Oat, and 28 for Soy. 

Dairy is the leading contributor to saturated fat in human diets. Plant milks are lower in calories, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. 

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